What Is the Treatment for Diabetic Leg Ulcers?


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Treatment for diabetic leg ulcers starts with improving circulation by elevating the leg, walking and wearing compression stockings and bandages, according to WebMD. Sometimes the doctor may remove dead tissue from the ulcer to help it heal.

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Walking every day helps to improve circulation, which is the underlying cause of diabetic leg ulcers, WebMD explains. Patients are also directed to elevate the leg higher than the heart and to wear compression bandages or stockings except when bathing and sleeping. Many times the doctor recommends that patients continue wearing compression devices after the ulcer heals to promote good circulation so no new ulcers form.

If the diabetic ulcer does not heal after several months, doctors may suggest additional treatment options, WebMD states. Antibiotic medication can help heal infection. If the ulcer is deep, skin grafting may be required. Vein surgery helps keep ulcers from reoccuring.

Diabetic neuropathic ulcers are a type of venous skin ulcer, says WebMD. They often occur in diabetics who have little sensation in their feet because of diabetic nerve damage. Venous ulcers usually form on the side of the calf. These shallow wounds occur when the leg veins are not capable of properly returning blood back to the heart.

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