What Is the Best Treatment for Dehydration?


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The best treatment for mild to moderate levels of dehydration includes rest; finding a cool, dark spot; and consuming a rehydration drink, water, sports drink or juice, reports WebMD. Propping up the feet and taking off extra clothing allow the body to cool even more quickly.

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A home remedy for dehydration blends a quart of water, 6 teaspoons of sugar and 1/2 teaspoon table salt, according to WebMD. This replaces some of the minerals and fluids the body loses during dehydration. This solution is only safe for people 12 years and up. The dehydrated person should drink at least 2 quarts of cool liquids over the first two to four hours after noticing the problem.

In children between the ages of 1 and 11, drinking as much fluids as they want is acceptable, explains WebMD. It is helpful to provide flavored ice treats such as popsicles and to keep encouraging the child to drink more fluids. Children over the age of 4 need a minimum of 6 cups of liquids to replace what dehydration took away. Rehydration drinks and sports drinks are ideal because of their mineral content.

If a baby younger than 1 produces less urine and is more thirsty, dehydration is possible, states WebMD. Nursing more often and increasing bottle feedings compensate for lost fluids. An oral rehydration solution is necessary if the baby continues to have insufficient fluids. Administering the solution is possible through a dropper or spoon or in a bottle.

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