What Is the Treatment for Corneal Ulcers?


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Treatments for corneal ulcers include prescription antibacterial medications, antiviral medications and medications to counter fungi, states Healthline. Antibacterial eye drops may help as well. Corneal transplants may counter severe corneal ulcers.

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Corticosteroid eye drops may help reverse swelling and inflammation that are associated with corneal ulcers, notes Healthline. During treatment, the patient should avoid touching the eyes, wearing makeup and wearing contact lenses. Corneal transplants, reserved for severe cases, replace the damaged cornea with donor tissue. Potential side effects of corneal transplants include swelling of the cornea, cataracts, eye infection and glaucoma.

To prevent a corneal ulcer, a person who experiences an eye infection should seek immediate medical attention, according to Healthline. Wearing clean and sterile contact lenses, removing the lenses before sleeping and washing hands before touching the eyes may help prevent the problem as well. Rinsing the eyes helps to remove foreign objects from the eye, preventing the ulcer.

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