What Is the Treatment for a Complex Ovarian Cyst?


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According to MDhealth.com, treatment methods for complex ovarian cysts include the use of birth control pills, surgery or watchful waiting. The type of treatment to be conducted on the patient depends on her age, the size of the cyst, and whether or not symptoms are present.

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Some kinds of ovarian cysts disappear on their own within eight to 12 weeks, according to MDhealth, which is why watchful waiting is first advised for all patients who do not experience any symptoms, regardless of their age. If the patient has already undergone menopause, doctors recommend conducting regular ultrasound and blood tests until the cyst is gone. This is because women who are already in menopause are more at risk of ovarian cancer. Birth control pills are prescribed, not to reduce the size of the cysts, but to minimize the risk of ovarian cancer.

MDhealth.com reports that surgery is typically recommended if the ovarian cyst does not disappear after three menstrual cycles. Surgery is also recommended if the cyst is large, continues to increase in size, or if symptoms are present. Either an exploratory laparotomy or a pelvic laparoscopy is performed on the patient, depending on the size of the cyst as well as other factors.

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