What Is the Treatment for Chronic Ischemic White Matter Disease?

The treatment for chronic ischemic white matter disease includes diagnosing the patient via X-rays, MRI scan or CT scan, vitamin B6 supplements or Pyridoxine, and migraine care, as stated by WiseGeek. Patients must also keep diabetes, high cholesterol, and vascular risk factors such as hypertension, under control.

WiseGeek states that there is no permanent cure for chronic ischemic white matter disease, but the disease can be treated with surgery and brain cell transplants. Once the condition has been diagnosed, actions should be taken to prevent further damage to the blood vessels in the brain. During a patient’s treatment, medications are adjusted according to the patients progressing condition, and physical therapies can be performed. When neurons and fiber tracts have died, general medications such as anti-Parkinson’s and antidepressants can be prescribed.