What Is the Treatment for Chronic, Irregular Heartbeat?


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Treatments for chronic, irregular heartbeat include making lifestyle changes, avoiding triggers, taking medications and treating an underlying condition, according to WebMD. The best treatment option depends on the cause of the irregular heartbeat.

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What Is the Treatment for Chronic, Irregular Heartbeat?
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Some changes in heartbeat are caused by anxiety or stress, notes WebMD. People can reduce anxiety and stress by meditating, doing yoga or utilizing aromatherapy. Using alcohol, caffeine, nicotine or other drugs may cause a chronic, irregular heartbeat, so they should be avoided. Other stimulants that may affect the heartbeat include certain herbal and nutritional supplements, as well as some cough and cold medicines.

Other lifestyle changes that may improve heart performance include reducing cholesterol intake, lowering blood pressure and exercising regularly, notes the American Heart Association. If heart palpitations continue despite lifestyle changes, a doctor may prescribe calcium channel blockers, beta blockers or other various medications, depending on the individual, according to WebMD.

Sometimes an irregular heartbeat is caused by an underlying condition that may need to be treated, such as anemia, states WebMD. Treating the underlying problem should fix the heartbeat irregularity. If the irregular heartbeat persists, the doctor may need to refer the patient to an electrophysiologist, which is a doctor who specialized in heart rhythms.

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