What Is the Treatment for Chlamydia?


Doctors treat chlamydia with antibiotics to eliminate the bacteria that has formed in the body, according to Healthline. Most patients receive prescriptions for either a single dose of antibiotics or a week-long package of oral medication taken twice per day.

Most chlamydia infections clear up after two weeks, explains Healthline. During this time, patients must refrain from sexual activity. Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease that patients should address quickly to avoid additional infections or complications when bacteria spreads throughout the body. Although individuals can contract chlamydia at any age, women and men under 25 have a higher risk of infection. People with multiple sexual partners who do not use protection increase their risk of infection.

Although symptoms are not always noticeable with chlamydia, some individuals experience a burning feeling when urinating, discharge from the vagina or penis and pain in the lower abdomen, explains Healthline. Sexual intercourse may become painful for women, and men may experience pain in the testicles. If a chlamydia infection spreads to the fallopian tubes, women may experience abnormal bleeding between periods, nausea and fever. A chlamydia infection can develop in the rectum, and for people who engage in oral sex, an infection may develop in the throat.