What Is the Treatment for Cancer of the Tongue?

What Is the Treatment for Cancer of the Tongue?

Some of the treatments for cancer of the mouth include chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, targeted therapy and rehabilitation. The type of treatment prescribed by the doctor depends on several things including the stage of the cancer, type of cancer and location of the cancer, according to the American Cancer Society.

At the beginning, cancer is not intrusive or has not yet caused extensive damage to tissues, which is why treatment may be done through surgical stripping or thin resection. This basically refers to carrying out an operation to remove the upper layer of the tissues affected in order to prevent further spread.

As the cancer develops into the first and second stage, treatment becomes more advanced since extensive damage is already taking place. Here, doctors may either use surgery or radiation therapy depending on their assessment of the disease.

At the third and fourth stage, the cancer has spread to various parts of the mouth, and treatment may therefore require the use of both radiotherapy and surgery.

At the fifth stage, the cancer has generally become prominent in various parts of the body. In such cases doctors use chemotherapy to reverse the effects of the disease. In some instances doctors may use a combination of chemotherapy and cetuximab.