What Is the Treatment for a Busted Ear Drum?


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According to Mayo Clinic, the majority of ruptured eardrums heal on their own without treatment in a couple of weeks. If there is any sign of an infection, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics. If the hole or tear in the eardrum fails to heal on its own, treatments to close the perforation, such as an eardrum patch or tympanoplasty, may be necessary.

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As Mayo Clinic explains, during an eardrum patch procedure, an ear, nose and throat specialist applies chemicals to the edges of the perforation in the eardrum to encourage growth and then attaches a patch to cover up the hole. In some cases, multiple eardrum patch procedures are needed to close up the tear. If the patch does not work, a doctor may recommend surgery. During a surgical procedure called a tympanoplasty, a physician grafts a small piece of the patient's own tissue to close up the hole in the eardrum.

While waiting for a ruptured eardrum to heal, it is advisable for the patient to protect the eardrum by wearing an earplug while bathing or showering to ensure that the ear is kept dry. It is also recommended that the patient refrain from cleaning the ear. It is also important to avoid blowing the nose, as nose-blowing creates pressure that can damage a healing eardrum, states Mayo Clinic.

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