What Is the Treatment for Burning Mouth Syndrome?


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The underlying cause of burning mouth syndrome determines the type of treatment physicians provide, explains the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, or NIDCR. Physicians often prescribe medications and pain relievers to reduce the pain and relieve a feeling of dry mouth.

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Individuals with burning mouth syndrome can ease the pain of the condition by avoiding hot, spicy foods, alcohol-based mouthwashes, tobacco, alcoholic beverages and citrus fruits and juices that are high in acid, according to NIDCR. Medical professionals treat burning mouth syndrome by addressing the underlying cause, which is often related to hormonal changes, medications, nutritional deficiencies, infections in the mouth or acid reflux. Dry mouth resulting from radiation therapy or drugs can also cause burning mouth syndrome, as can allergies to foods, dental products or metal materials.

Primary symptoms of burning mouth syndrome include mouth pain that produces a burning, tingling or scalding sensation, notes NIDCR. The tongue, lips and roof of the mouth are often affected by the condition. Some patients notice an altered taste, dry mouth and a feeling of numbness. The pain of burning mouth syndrome can extend for months or years, and pain may increase during the day. Eating or drinking can help to reduce the pain of the condition.

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