What Is the Treatment for Bone Spurs in the Neck and Pinched Nerves?


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Non-surgical treatment options for bone spurs include cold packs and anti-inflammatory medication, according to MedicineNet.com. However, if the bone spurs are pinching or compressing a nerve, a laminectomy surgery can be performed to remove them and reduce the pressure put on the spinal cord or nerves, reports MedlinePlus.

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Most bone spurs do not cause pain or other symptoms, states Spine-health. They are a normal part of aging and extremely common. However, if the bone spurs encroach on the nerves, spinal cord or vertebrae, or impede blood flow to the area, symptoms develop. They can range from dull neck pain and stiffness to weakness or numbness in the arms or limbs without accompanying loss of dexterity.

Bone spurs develop when the ligaments and tendons are damaged or inflamed, according to Spine-health. The damaged tissue affects the surrounding bones, causing them to deposit new bone cells in abnormal areas. Arthritis, injury and poor posture can also cause bone spurs to grow.

Bone spurs are only treated if they begin to cause pain or other symptoms, reports MedicineNet.com. Initial treatment aims to decrease the inflammation through non-invasive measures, such as applying or injecting anti-inflammatory medications. However, if this fails to work, a laminectomy is performed to remove bone spurs and open up the spinal canal to give the nerves more room.

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