What Is the Treatment for Bone Spurs in the Feet?


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It is possible to treat bone spurs in the feet conservatively through exercises, shoes made to accommodate the condition, or strapping or taping the affected tendons or muscles, says WebMD. The patient can also wear shoe inserts or try physical therapy. How bone spurs in the feet are treated depends on where they are and how they affect the patient, says Mayo Clinic.

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What Is the Treatment for Bone Spurs in the Feet?
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Over-the-counter pain meds such as ibuprofen can ease the pain of bone spurs, or the doctor can inject the foot with corticosteroid to reduce inflammation, says WebMD. This conservative treatment works for most people who have foot spurs. However, if the problem persists for the better part of a year, surgery is an option.

If the spur is in the heel, the surgeon may perform an operation to release the plantar fascia, says WebMD. The plantar fascia is a long tissue that connects the heel to the toes, says American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society. During the surgery, the surgeon releases or removes the part of the fascia that is causing the pain. He also removes the bone spur. This is accomplished with a needle or through an incision in the foot.

If the bone spur is near the big toe, the operation may only require a tiny incision, says American Health Network. The physician then smooths away the spur with a burr or rasp.

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