What Is a Treatment for a Blister Formation on the Lips?


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Anti-viral medicine helps treat blisters on the lips, which are most often cold sores. The medicines work well when patients take them once they feel a blister coming on, MedlinePlus says.

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The herpes simplex virus causes cold sores on the mouth, also called fever blisters. Touching infected fluid or kissing a person with cold sores can cause the virus to transfer, claims WebMD. No treatment cures the virus, so people with cold sores may have breakouts for the rest of their lives. However, other medicines and creams control the amount of cold sores and how serious they can get.

Most lip blisters go away on their own within a few days to a few weeks. Anti-viral medications such as acyclovir relieve the symptoms of cold sores and can help them dissipate a few days earlier than normal, MedlinePlus says. Home remedies may also work to curtail cold sores. Patients can apply a warm washcloth or ice to the cold sore to relieve pain, or they can wash the cold sore with antiseptic soap. Avoid aggravating the lip blisters with spicy food or citrus, and gargle with cool water to soothe any burning sensations. Anti-viral creams are useful for lip blisters as well, but they can be expensive.

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