What Is the Treatment for a Bleeding Rectum?

What Is the Treatment for a Bleeding Rectum?

Home remedies and self-care can treat a bleeding rectum if symptoms are mild, suggests eMedicineHealth. For more serious symptoms, drug therapy, an IV, blood transfusion and surgery can also be used to treat rectal bleeding, claims Drugs.com.

For those with only mild symptoms, effective treatments include a daily intake of about 10 glasses of water, and bathing to cleanse the area around the anus. A patient who suffers from rectal bleeding should consume a lot of fiber-enriched foods like prunes, and supplements such as Metamucil and Benefiber. Patients should avoid consumption of alcohol as it dehydrates the body, which can result in constipation, states eMedicineHealth.

Patients who undergo bleeding of the rectum should avoid staying on the toilet for long periods, notes eMedicineHealth. Application of ice packs to the affected area, and bathing in water that is only deep enough to cover hips and buttocks, can alleviate pain and reduce hemorrhoids. A patient who does not get better after one week or who is more than 40 years should consult a doctor.

Steroids can be applied as cream, ointment or lotion to reduce inflammation of the rectum, states Drugs.com. Vasoconstrictors aid in stopping the bleeding by reducing the supply of blood to the rectum, and painkillers alleviate the pain.

An IV is done for blood transfusion cases or when giving fluids to a dehydrated patient, notes Drugs.com. Surgery should be done to remove tumors, polyps or hemorrhoids from a patient.