What Is the Treatment for Back Muscle Spasms?

What Is the Treatment for Back Muscle Spasms?

Treatment options for back muscle spasms include alternating between heat and ice packs, medication and physical therapy. Diagnosis for back spasms may involve history and imaging tests, notes Healthline.

The best treatment for muscle spasms depends on the actual cause. Individuals suffering from muscle spasms caused by straining or overuse may be advised to place ice packs on the affected areas during the first few hours. This helps prevent inflammation of muscles. Afterward, these individuals should use heat packs to help in correcting blood flow to the regions affected.

Spasms that are caused by injury can be treated by the use of ice and heat packs. Paying a visit to the doctor may be helpful because it allows the doctor to examine the injury and prescribe medication that can prevent infection and relieve pain.

Physical therapy is a treatment option that may help both in the short and long term. This is because it helps strengthen the back while relieving pain from affected areas. It is highly encouraged that individuals pay a visit to the doctor for proper diagnosis before beginning therapy sessions.

Muscle spasms may also be caused as a result of dehydration, notes MedicineNet.com. Drinking a lot of fluids and maintaining a good posture are both good ways to prevent spasms.