What Treatment Is Available for Low Blood Pressure?


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To treat low blood pressure, doctors typically suggest making lifestyle and eating plan changes based on the cause of a patient’s symptoms, according to WebMD. People with low blood pressure should drink plenty of water, reduce alcohol consumption and regularly exercise for better blood flow.

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What Treatment Is Available for Low Blood Pressure?
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A diet rich in salt and low in carbohydrates helps improve low blood pressure, explains WebMD. Individuals with low blood pressure should eat small meals more frequently, rest after eating to minimize dizziness and exercise caution when getting up from a resting or sitting position. It helps to pump the feet and ankles several times before rising to boost circulation. It is also advisable to sit in an upright stance on the bed for several minutes instead of standing up hastily.

An individual with low blood pressure should let a doctor know about any medications she is taking to find out if these are the reason for the condition’s symptoms, suggests WebMD. Activities to avoid include heavy lifting, excessive exertion during bowel movements and bathing in hot water for long periods. If feeling dizzy, it helps to sit on a nonslip chair while showering. Compression stockings that reach the calf and thigh are also recommended for controlling blood flow to the legs.

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