What Is the Treatment for Ataxia?


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There is no a specific treatment for ataxia, states the Mayo Clinic. Some cases of ataxia require treatment of the underlying condition to heal. Ataxia caused by chicken pox or other viral conditions is likely to clear up without treatment over time. Doctors recommend adaptive devices and therapies to manage the condition.

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Ataxia caused by cerebral palsy or multiple sclerosis may not be treatable, notes the Mayo Clinic. Such cases require adaptive devices, such as communication aids for talking, customized utensils for eating and cranes for walking. Physical therapy helps to improve mobility and strength. Occupational therapy is helpful in enhancing the ability to complete normal tasks. A patient also needs speech therapy to improve speech and swallowing.

Patients need to maintain good overall health by undertaking regular mental and physical exercises, according to John Hopkins Medicine. The treatment of ataxia may involve several health practitioners including a primary care physician, a neurologist and a pharmacologist. A physician advises patients on medications and potential risks of the condition. Neurologists help in observing the progression of ataxia and identifying conditions that require therapy. In some cases, pharmacological treatment helps to slow down the progression of ataxia. However, this treatment is limited, and benefits have been reported in only a small number of cases.

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