What Is the Treatment for Abdominal Hernia?


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Trusses, binders and corsets form the most common pre-operative treatment for an abdominal hernia, while surgery is the recommended treatment, as stated by Medscape. Undergoing hernia repair as an elective procedure has significantly better outcomes in terms of morbidity than waiting until acute hernia repair is necessary.

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What Is the Treatment for Abdominal Hernia?
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In some circumstances, emergency surgery is necessary to treat a hernia. If the medical staff is unable to reduce the hernia, is concerned about strangulation of the bowel, or the patient appears to be suffering from toxicity, the surgery should proceed. If patients cannot undergo sedation safely, a surgeon should be present when the medical staff attempt to reduce the hernia, notes Medscape.

Typically, inguinal abdominal hernia requires surgical repair. If the hernia remains in place, obstruction or strangulation of the bowel can happen later. If there are any signs that inflammation has already started or the bowel has any obstruction, the medical staff should work toward repairing the hernia rather than reducing it. Otherwise, the intestine can suffer from peritonitis and perforation with a high risk of fatality. Any other approach places the bowel at risk, reports Medscape.

In situations involving elective hernia repair, people who have contagious diseases or open wounds close by should wait until resolution to undergo the surgery in order to eliminate the possibility of complications, according to Medscape.

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