What Is the Treatment for Abdominal Gas?


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People who suffer with abdominal gas can treat it by addressing the underlying cause and altering their diet, according to Mayo Clinic. Additionally, they may wish to try some over the counter remedies.

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In some cases it is possible to treat abdominal gas by addressing an underlying health issue, Mayo Clinic states. However, many people also find they need to adjust their diet. Such adjustments may include finding the food that causes a problem and no longer eating it. Common gas-inducing foods include broccoli, chewing gum and bran cereals. As fatty foods cause gas, cutting them out is also helpful.

Although foods high in fiber aid the digestive process, temporarily cutting back on them is also useful for treating abdominal gas. Similarly, it is necessary to take a careful approach to taking fiber supplements, and those who do take them should consume them with a glass of water. Some people may also find that cutting out dairy reduces gas.

People who suffer with abdominal gas may also want to try an over the counter remedy. Supplements that break down lactose can make digesting it easier for those who are lactose intolerant. Beano is a product people can take when they want to reduce the amount of gas vegetables cause, and products containing simethicone can break down gas bubbles, making digestion easier.

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