How Do You Treat White Spots on the Skin?


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White spots on the skin, which can result from infections or hypopigmentation, have a number of causes and treatments that align with those causes. Over-the-counter creams may treat minor cases of white spots, but serious skin conditions such as vitiligo require medical attention, states WebMD.

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The appearance of white spots on the skin can occur for many reasons. Sudden white spots might emerge due to a loss of melanin in the skin. This condition is called hypopigmentation, Genetics Home Reference says. Some of the causes of hypopigmentation include infections, trauma, genetic defects and inflammation, all of which can be treated by various medicines. Antifungal creams can treat white spots that show up due to the presence of fungi.

Vitiligo may also cause white spots, though it usually results in larger white patches. Vitiligo develops early in life, says WebMD. Patients who have vitiligo experience sudden pigment loss in patches of their skin, especially parts of the skin exposed to the sun, around body folds and near moles. No particular treatment cures vitiligo, but skin grafts, corticosteroid creams and UV light therapy can slow or mask the condition.

Since many conditions can cause white spots on the skin, patients who experience them on a continual basis should see a doctor or a dermatologist for a proper diagnosis.

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