How Do You Treat Vertigo Without Medication?


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Vertigo can be treated without medication by performing Epley maneuvers and Foster maneuvers. According to WebMD, both procedures are effective in moving the vertigo-causing calcium crystals out of the ear canal.

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How Do You Treat Vertigo Without Medication?
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To perform the Epley maneuver, begin by sitting on the edge of a bed, recommends WebMD. If your vertigo comes from the left side of the ear, sit at the edge of the bed and slowly turn your head 45 degrees to the left, and then gently lay down with your head still at the 45-degree angle. Lay down like that for at least 30 seconds. Then turn your head to 90 degrees toward the right, or halfway to the right, without raising your head or body. Then, turn your head and body onto your right side, and wait 30 seconds. If the vertigo comes from your right ear, do this procedure in reverse. Perform Epley maneuvers three times before you go to bed at night, every night.

Many people consider the Foster maneuver easier to do than the Epley maneuver, WebMD indicates. For this maneuver, kneel down and slowly look up at the ceiling. After a few seconds, touch your head to the floor, so your chin is tucked down and your head goes toward your knees. Wait at least 30 seconds. Turn your head in the direction of the affected ear. Wait 30 seconds. While you are still on all fours, quickly raise your head so it is level with your back. Keep your head at a 45-degree angle. Wait 30 seconds. Then, quickly raise your head so it is fully upright. Keep your head turned to the shoulder and side you are working on; if you feel dizzy on your left side, turn your face to your left elbow. Then, slowly stand up. It is common to have to repeat this exercise multiple times for relief.

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