How Do You Treat Vertigo?


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The Epley maneuver, also known as a canalith repositioning procedure, is the most common treatment for vertigo, according to MedicineNet.com. WebMD explains that the Epley maneuver works by lying on the back at a 45-degree angle and then turning the head away from the direction where the vertigo originated. After holding this position for 30 seconds, the patient turns the rest of body to align with the head.

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How Do You Treat Vertigo?
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WebMD describes several other home remedies to treat vertigo. The Semont maneuver involves sitting upright on the edge of the bed and then quickly lying down on one's side. After waiting 30 seconds, the patient rapidly changes to lying on the opposite side of the bed but still on the same side. The patient then waits another 30 seconds before sitting back up.

The half-somersault maneuver, also called the Foster maneuver, involves positioning the body as though starting a somersault, as explained by WebMD. While crouching near the ground, the patient tucks the head toward the knees and holds the position until the dizziness subsides. The patient turns the head toward the ear where the dizziness is coming from, holding the pose for 30 seconds and then quickly raising the head.

WebMD explains that performing these procedures several times throughout the day helps combat feelings of vertigo. After a full delay elapses without experiencing vertigo, these exercises are no longer necessary.

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