How Do You Treat Vaginal Itching Due to Menopause?


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Vaginal itching during menopause is a symptom of vaginal dryness and is treated with vaginal estrogen, explains WebMD. Before menopause the vagina is lubricated by a thin layer of fluid that is maintained by estrogen. During menopause estrogen levels fall, and the vagina loses its ability to retain moisture.

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Vaginal estrogens are a topical solution that relieve the symptoms of dryness and do not put a lot of estrogen into the blood stream, according to WebMD. A vaginal estrogen ring, which releases a continuous stream of estrogen into the vaginal tissue, is a product that can be inserted at home or by a doctor. The ring has to be changed every three months.

Another treatment option is a vaginal estrogen tablet, which is inserted with an applicator once a day for the first two weeks and twice a week thereafter, describes WebMD. A doctor can also prescribe an estrogen cream that can be applied with an applicator. Its frequency of use depends on the brand, and most creams are applied every day for the first few weeks.

Other treatment options that can help prevent dryness include using over-the-counter vaginal moisturizers as well as lubricants during intercourse, explains WebMD. Using douches, bubble baths, scented soaps and some lotions should be avoided because they can worsen vaginal dryness and itching.

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