How Do You Treat a UTI at Home?


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According to WebMD, drinking a large amount of water and cranberry juice prevents a urinary tract infection from getting worse. A urinary tract infection can be cured if treatment steps are taken as soon as the first symptoms appear. HowStuffWorks also states that baking soda, pineapples, vitamin C and utilizing lifestyle changes such as wearing cotton underwear and changing sexual practices cures and prevents urinary tract infections.

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How Do You Treat a UTI at Home?
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According to WebMD, drinking a sizable amount of water and cranberry juice during the first 24 hours of a urinary tract infection helps wash out the bacteria that caused the infection and lessens the concentration of urine. A heating pad placed over the crotch area and hot baths help to relieve the pain from a urinary tract infection.

HowStuffWorks suggests adding a teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of water to allow the soda to neutralize urine acidity. Eating pineapples allows the bromelain found in the fruit to get rid of a urinary tract infection. Taking vitamin C acidifies urine to prevent harmful bacteria from entering it, and wearing cotton underwear keeps the genital area fresh and dry. Bathing before sex, urinating after sex and discontinuing diaphragm use prevents female urinary tract infections.

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