How Do You Treat a Torn Patella Tendon?


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Patellar tendon ruptures can be treated through immobilization, physical therapy and surgery. The patellar tendon works together with the quadriceps to enable straightening of the legs, notes the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

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Patellar tendon ruptures are not common and tend to affect individuals that engage in high impact sports, states Medscape. Patellar tendon tears may be partial or complete depending on the exact cause and extent of the damage. Incomplete tears do not disrupt the soft tissues. However, complete tears often affect the soft tissues and require more serious treatment.

Individuals that have a partially torn patellar tendon can effectively be treated by ensuring the knee does not move much. This can be achieved with the aid of a knee immobilizer or braces. Physical therapy may help in restoring strength and range of motion to the affected leg. In severe cases, tendon repairs may be necessary. This may require the patient to stay in a hospital and undergo certain surgical procedures.

Falls, jumps, other forms of injury and conditions that cause weakening of tendons are often responsible for the tearing of the patellar tendons. Some symptoms associated with this condition include bruising, tenderness, difficulty in walking, cramping and inability to straighten a leg.

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