How Do You Treat Teenage Depression?


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According to Mayo Clinic, teenage depression is commonly treated through a combination of prescription medications and professional counseling from a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist. Prozac and Lexapro are two prescriptions approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat teenage depression. Psychotherapy is usually conducted by a psychiatrist who also monitors the efficacy of the teen's medications and alters the dosages when necessary.

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Mayo Clinic explains that regular family doctors are legally able to prescribe antidepressant medications to teens based on an initial assessment of symptoms related to depression, but it is recommended that parents seek the advice of a specialized psychotherapist who is well-practiced in treating depression. Regular counseling sessions can be performed one-on-one between the patient and doctor, or the family may also be asked to join at times to facilitate growth and understanding where family dynamics play a role in the child's depression.

A psychiatrist or psychologist is able to help a teen understand the root causes of depression and how to cope with symptoms as they arise. If the teen is experiencing depression as the result of a traumatic event, counseling sessions can help to make sense of the confusion surrounding the occurrence. In the most severe cases, Mayo Clinic explains that some teens require hospitalization, especially when thoughts of suicide present a real threat.

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