How Do You Treat a Swollen Eyeball?

A swollen eyeball is treated by using prescription or over-the-counter medicine depending on the causes of the swelling. Oral antihistamines are effective if the swollen eyeball is caused by allergies, according to EyeHealthWeb. A cold ice pack or warm washcloth can be used while antibiotics are prescribed for severe swollen eyes.

Periorbital puffiness, or swollen eyes, occurs when extra fluid builds up around the eyes, usually in the eyelids, states Eye infections, bacterial infections, eye styes and allergies all cause swollen eyes.

Allergic conjunctivitis is common and is caused by the eyes' reaction to pollen, mold, dander and any other substances to which the eyes are allergic, explains MedlinePlus. Eye drops are useful in alleviating swelling of the eyes and in preventing the eyes' mast cells from releasing histamine. It is important to get a checkup from a doctor to determine whether the swelling is caused by allergies or by other causes such as blepharitis. Symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis include itchy or burning eyes, watery eyes, small bumps on the inside of the eyelids and stringy eye discharge. To prevent swollen eyes, take care whenever you are present around allergens by wearing a mask, dusting often and using clean air filters indoors.