How Do You Treat Superficial Thrombophlebitis?


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No medical attention may be required if the condition is mild, so treatment may be focused on reducing pain and inflammation and preventing complications. Most cases of superficial thrombophlebitis will last for 3 to 4 weeks, as stated by Patient.co.uk. Treatment will also depend on the severity of the condition and the symptoms a person has experienced.

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A person should strive to stay active all day by doing normal activities. Placing a hot piece of cloth on the vein will help in easing pain. Using anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen, helps to relieve pain, but one should seek a doctor's advice prior to using medication. There are also gels and creams that a person can apply on the affected area. Raising the leg while sleeping or sitting can help to reduce discomfort and swelling. Compression may also be necessary to help in reducing swelling.

Superficial thrombophebitis is a condition that occurs when the vein located just above the surface of the skin becomes inflamed. It is commonly caused by an injury to the vein. This condition may occur in people with varicose veins, as stated by Mayo Clinic. Its symptoms include warmth on the affected area, limb pain, skin redness and hardening of the vein.

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