How Do You Treat Sudden Inexplicable Swelling of the Stomach?


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To treat a symptom like inexplicable swelling of the stomach, it is important to know the specific cause because there are many possible reasons for this. Some causes can include having a heavy meal, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, fluid buildup in the abdomen and a bowel blockage, reports the National Institute of Health. Although a distended abdomen due to a meal is not a serious problem and will go away after digestion occurs, other conditions, such as ascites or an intestinal obstruction, can need medical treatment.

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Diverticulosis, ovarian cancer and gallstones are other conditions that may cause a distended abdomen, relates MedicineNet. The National Institutes of Health explains that a doctor should be seen if abdominal swelling does not get better, is unexplained or is accompanied with other symptoms like fever or bloody stool. Due to these reasons, treatment options are dependent on finding the exact cause for the symptom.

For example, ascites is fluid buildup in the abdominal cavity that presents as abdominal swelling. The causes for ascites can include liver disorders, different types of cancers, heart failure and infectious peritonitis, explains eMedicine Health. Ascites is one symptom associated with these different causes. Accordingly, tests are necessary to diagnose and pinpoint the exact reason for ascites before a doctor can recommend the proper treatment plan.

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