How Do You Treat a Stye?


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To treat a stye, a warm compress can be applied on the affected area for five to 10 minutes a few times a day, says WebMD. A clean washcloth or towel soaked in warm water should be used, and the eyes should be kept closed.

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How Do You Treat a Stye?
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Most styes do go away on their own in about a week or so, says WebMD. In order to prevent the stye from becoming infected, the area should be kept clean and the individual should avoid rubbing or touching the eyes, making sure to never squeeze the sty. No contact lenses or eye-makeup should be worn.

There is no need for medical treatment for styes in most cases. However, a health care provider should be called if the stye does not heal in a week to 10 days; the stye becomes swollen or more painful after several days of the warm compress treatment; the individual develops some type of vision problem; the person has chills or a fever or if the person has recurring styes. Also, medical treatment should be sought if the individual has an abnormal immune system, such as HIV, diabetes, is receiving some type of treatment for cancer or is an organ transplant recipient, according to WebMD.

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