How Do You Treat a Stomach Hernia?


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Stomach hernias can be treated by implementing lifestyle changes, including eating a healthier diet and avoiding laying down immediately after eating, according to Healthline. Surgery, including laparoscopic surgery, may be an option for patients who do not respond to non-surgical treatments. Treatment for a hernia depends on the severity of symptoms and how the hernia develops, adds MedicineNet.

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Treatment also depends on the type of stomach hernia present, notes the Baptist Health System. Some patients may have to take medications to help relieve symptoms such as pain. If the hernia is not treated, it can become larger and cause more severe symptoms such as vomiting and constipation, states Healthline. Patients that have small hernias may not experience significant symptoms and may only need monitoring. Patients may exhibit gastrointestinal-related symptoms, including pain when coughing or sneezing, acid reflux and a feeling of pressure or pain in the abdomen or chest.

Many lifestyle and genetic factors can cause a hernia, and some hernias are congenital, claims MedicineNet. Weak abdominal muscles, combined with other risk factors such as lifting heavy objects or severe constipation, can contribute to the formation of a hernia, remarks Healthline. Learning how to lift objects properly and avoiding smoking cigarettes can help reduce the risk of developing a hernia.

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