How Do You Treat Staph Skin Irratation?


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Staph infections are treated with antibiotics, such as vancomycin or cephalosporins, to ward off the infection causing the skin to feel tender and irritated, according to WebMD. If the staph infection is severe and involves fibers or muscles within the body, the enclosed muscles need to be surgically cleaned.

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Skin irritations from wounds affected by the staph infection may be treated with wound drainage, according to the Mayo Clinic. Physicians make an incision into the sore or wound and drain any fluid that has collected within the skin. If the staph infection affects an area of the body with a prosthetic or device, the device is often removed promptly.

Skin cleansing techniques help to treat skin irritations and prevent further infection, according to the Mayo Clinic. Careful hand-washing can defend people from germs and spreading of bacteria that may irritate the skin. Hands should be washed briskly for at least 15 to 30 seconds and dried thoroughly. Cleaning wounds from cuts and abrasions can also treat skin irritations and prevent infection. Cuts and sores should be cleaned and covered with dry, sterile bandages because infected sores with pus contain staph bacteria. Covering the wounds works to minimize the amount of bacteria that spreads on the skin.

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