How Do You Treat Spots on the Tongue?

Treatment for spots and discoloration of the tongue varies from medications to proper dental hygiene, according to WebMD. For instance, lichen planus, a condition that causes the tongue to form raised white patterns, can be resolved if the person avoids tobacco and practices dental hygiene.

Oral thrush is a yeast infection that causes white spots to appear on the tongue. Although this condition occurs most often in the very young and the elderly, it can be treated with the consumption of plain yogurt that contains plenty of good bacteria, explains WebMD. In some cases, medications are used.

Leukoplakia also causes white patches to grow on the tongue. A person can treat it by avoiding food that irritates the tongue and stopping the use of tobacco products, notes WebMD. Because this condition can lead to mouth cancer, a person with leukoplakia needs to consult a physician.

When the spots and discolorations on a tongue have a reddish color, it is called a strawberry tongue. There are many conditions that cause the formation of these patches, such as geographic tongue and scarlet fever. Geographic tongue does not generally require any treatment; however, a person with this condition can take topical medications to relieve pain. A person with scarlet fever needs an antibiotic treatment immediately.