How Do You Treat a Splenic Artery Aneurysm?


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Treatment options for splenic artery aneurysm include endovascular surgery and traditional surgery, according to Mount Sinai Hospital. Treatment may also involve removal of the aneurysm or removal of the spleen itself, reports Emory Healthcare.

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Splenic artery aneurysm in pregnant women must be treated regardless of the size, as the chances of death after the aneurysm ruptures are as high as 70 percent, explains Mount Sinai Hospital. In other patients, the size of the aneurysm and other risk factors such as cirrhosis dictate the treatment option, notes Radiopaedia.org. If the splenic artery aneurysm is less than 2 centimeters and there are no risk factors, the risk of rupture is low and the doctor may recommend follow up and observation for a year.

If the splenic artery aneurysm is bigger than 2 centimeters, the doctor may recommend fixing it, according to Radiopedia.org. Traditional surgery involves closing the aneurysm with a clip, states Mount Sinai Hospital. If the aneurysm enters the intrasplenic vessels or is too close to the spleen, the doctor may remove the spleen. The doctor may perform this surgery using traditional incisions or make small cuts and insert a laparascope to assist with the surgery.

Endovascular or catheter technique is minimally invasive and involves inserting a catheter through the wrist or the femoral artery and deploying coils to block the aneurysmal part of the artery, notes Mount Sinai Hospital. Doctors can also implant a stent through the catheter so blood flows through the stent instead of the damaged artery.

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