How Do You Treat Sore Gums Naturally?


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There are several ways to treat sore gums naturally, but regular salt is the most effective remedy, notes Kevin P. Allen for HowStuffWorks. The process involves flossing and brushing teeth, and then rubbing salt on the gums in a gentle manner. Following this procedure three times a week restores the health of the gums.

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Since sore gums are usually caused by bacteria, clove oil can also be used to treat sore gums because it has antibacterial and pain-relieving properties, explains Allen. After cleaning teeth well, apply a few drops of clove oil on the gums gently using a couple of cotton swabs. Repeat this process again before going to sleep. Another treatment is to mix ginger powder with salt and apply the mixture on the gums twice daily. A mixture of lemon juice and lemon water relieves sore gums when it is used regularly. If none of these remedies seem to bring some relief, visit a reputable dentist without further delay.

It is important to keep up with dental hygiene even after the swelling goes down. This simply involves flossing and brushing with a soft brush two times a day. Keep away from mouthwashes that contain alcohol, or make a natural mouthwash by mixing clove oil and water. Drink lots of water every day and visit a good dentist regularly, recommends Allen.

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