How Do You Treat Someone After a Seizure?


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After a person has a seizure, sit with her until she is fully awake and aware, suggests the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If it happens away from home, help her arrange transportation or walk her home to make sure she gets there safely.

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How Do You Treat Someone After a Seizure?
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Seizures can cause lingering disorientation, so ensuring the affected person is in a safe environment is important. As soon as the person feels up to it, help her into a quiet and comfortable area to recover, suggests the CDC. During this time, check for medical alert jewelry. Focus on comforting the person and keeping everyone calm.

After grand mal seizures, it is a good idea to check the person for injuries caused by falling or convulsing, according to WebMD. Roll the person gently onto her side if she is laying on her back or stomach and cushion her head with clothing or pillows. Make sure there is no tight or constricting clothing around her neck or waist.

Although some seizures are minor and do not need immediate medical attention, some conditions may require you to call an ambulance. Always call for help if the seizure lasts more than five minutes or if a second seizure occurs before the person is fully conscious, according to Healthline. Pregnant women and people with diabetes also need immediate medical care. If the seizure occurs in water, the person stops breathing, or the person is experiencing a high fever, call an ambulance.

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