How Do You Treat Smelly Feet?


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Treat smelly by washing them regularly with antibacterial soap, using over-the-counter foot odor products, and seeing a doctor if the odor is due to a medical condition, advises BootsWebMD. Allow shoes to dry out before wearing them again to prevent the growth of bacteria that causes foot odor.

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How Do You Treat Smelly Feet?
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Some basic home treatments for stinky feet include practicing good foot hygiene, explains BootsWebMD. This means washing your feet daily with mild or antibacterial soap and drying them thoroughly as wet feet can lead to bacterial growth. File off dead skin, and clip your toenails regularly. Use antifungal and antiperspirant sprays to keep the feet dry and free of bacterial and fungal growth.

Change your socks regularly, wearing the same pair only once, according to BootsWebMD. Footwear, both shoes and socks, need to absorb moisture while allowing the feet room to breathe. Avoid tight shoes, and wear sandals during the hottest months when feet tend to sweat more. If the smell is due to hyperhidrosis, a medical condition that causes excessive sweating, see a doctor for possible treatments.

Feet smell because as they sweat, bacteria feed off the sweat and produce a stinky odor, says BootsWebMD. Feet have more sweat glands than any other part of the body, so they tend to produce a lot of sweat, especially when an individual wears tight or oppressive socks and shoes. If shoes do not dry out before being worn again, bacteria grows and produces more odor.

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