How Do You Treat Skin Cysts?

Eradicating a skin cyst involves draining the cyst and surgically removing the cystic sac, according to MedicineNet. Medical professionals should perform these procedures. Avoid squeezing or popping cysts as this can cause cysts to grow or become infected.

Home remedies for skin cysts may involve treating the affected areas with tea tree oil or aloe vera, explains MedicineNet. Seek medical advice before using home remedies for cysts. Genetic factors affect the likelihood of experiencing cysts. Skin cysts are relatively easy to spot and diagnose compared with cysts found in organs.

Smaller cysts can disappear on their own or after treatment with warm compresses, states WebMD. Skin cysts are either epidermoid cysts or sebaceous cysts. Epidermoid cysts are more common and made of fat and keratin, a type of protein. These cysts are typically found on the face, neck and upper regions of the body. Acne and minor skin injuries are common causes of epidermoid cysts. In size, epidermoid cysts range from several millimeters to 5 centimeters across. These cysts affect men more often than women. Sebaceous cysts are seen less often and specifically affect oil glands. Only rarely are skin cysts serious phenomena connected with cancer or other major illnesses.