How Do You Treat a Sinus Infection With a Sore Throat?


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When a sinus infection and sore throat last longer than 10 days, antibiotics are typically used to clear the infection, according to WebMD. Decongestants can also be used to help open nasal pathways and clear congestion during this time. Natural treatments to minimize the pain of a sinus infection include steam and hot showers, as well as a nasal saline wash to remove mucus from the nose.

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In the case of an ongoing bout with sinus infection and sore throat, long-term antibiotics may be necessary to end the infection, according to WebMD. In rare cases, surgery is needed to drain the nasal passages. While many sinus infections and sore throats go away on their own, a thick yellow or green discharge from the nose for over a week or a cold that does not go away signifies the need to visit a doctor.

While most sinus infections can be handled by a general practitioner, if any abnormal x-rays or recurring infections occur, it may be necessary to visit an ear, nose and throat specialist, according to WebMD. A sinus infection is a swelling or inflammation of the sinuses. When this occurs, common symptoms include a foul-smelling nasal discharge, pain and pressure on the face, headache, post-nasal drip and a fever.

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