How do you treat SI joint pain?


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Physicians recommend physical therapy, injections, chiropractic treatment and nerve treatment to treat SI joint pain, according to WebMD. In some cases, physicians also prescribe pain medications. The patient should stop any activities that inflame the SI joint.

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Physical therapy exercises treat SI joint pain through improving strength and flexibility, reports WebMD. Patients learn to correct habits such as limping and leaning to one side to avoid SI joint pain. The patient may also receive ultrasounds, massages and treatments with heat and cold through a physical therapist. Physicians give injections of cortisone to decrease inflammation around the SI joint and relieve pain. Sometimes, a physician also injects saline and numbing drugs into the joint to tighten loose ligaments.

Chiropractors use techniques that move the muscles and joints to relieve SI joint pain, states WebMD. In nerve treatment, physicians permanently damage the nerve that sends signals of pain from the SI joint to the brain. Physicians sometimes also freeze the nerve with an injection, but this technique is not common. If other means of treatment fail, patients may need surgery to relieve SI joint pain. In joint fusion surgery, surgeons permanently join the bones next to the joint with pins and implants.

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