How Do You Treat a Severe Diaper Rash?


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A severe diaper rash usually requires a doctor's visit, according to Mayo Clinic. Babies with diaper rashes associated with a fever or rashes that do not improve after several days of home treatment should also see a doctor. Most diaper rashes respond well to home treatment, including keeping the diaper area clean and dry, increasing air flow to the diaper area and applying a diaper rash cream, ointment, paste or lotion after each diaper change.

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When treating a diaper rash, use a bulb syringe and warm water to gently wash the baby's diaper area after each diaper change. Blot the area dry using a clean towel. Avoid wiping the area, as this causes increased irritation, according to Ask Dr. Sears. If possible, leave the baby's diaper off to help dry out the rash and promote healing. Bathing the baby daily using warm water and a mild soap free of fragrances is also beneficial when treating a diaper rash, notes Mayo Clinic.

Before putting a diaper on the baby, apply a generous amount of diaper cream to the area, recommends Ask Dr. Sears. Creams containing zinc oxide are ideal for moderate rashes, while Triple Paste is ideal for more severe diaper rashes. Applying petroleum jelly on top of the diaper cream prevents the diaper from sticking, states Mayo Clinic.

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