How Do You Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain During Pregnancy?


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To treat sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy, apply a heating pad or ice pack, perform stretching exercises or take pain relievers, recommends WebMD. Sciatica sufferers can also try complementary therapies, such as yoga and massage.

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Place a heating pad or ice pack on the affected area for around 20 minutes every two hours, suggests WebMD. Try alternating the two options to determine which method provides better relief. Consult a physical therapist to learn how to exercise the hamstring and lower back properly. Short walks are sometimes advised for pain relief. Physicians may also recommend over-the-counter medications for temporary relief. Anti-inflammatory drugs and acetaminophen are typically prescribed to patients with sciatica.

A natural remedy to reduce pressure on the nerve is to lie on the opposite side of the pain, notes the American Pregnancy Association. Avoid lifting heavy objects or standing for long periods. A woman who feels pressure while standing should raise her foot and place it on a chair. Swimming also helps reduce discomfort. Call a health care professional immediately when experiencing constant or increasingly severe pain.

To prevent the recurrence of sciatica, maintain a good posture and exercise on a regular basis, according to WebMD. It is also essential to bend at the knees when lifting heavy things to avoid having back injuries that cause sciatica.

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