How Do You Treat Scalp Ringworm in Toddlers?


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Mayo Clinic states that an oral antifungal medication is required to treat ringworm of the scalp in toddlers. Your doctor may also prescribe a medicated shampoo that will help prevent the spread of the fungus to other areas of your child's body and to other people.

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According to Mayo Clinic, Griseofulvin and terbinafine are the two most commonly prescribed medications for treating ringworm of the scalp in children. Expect a course of treatment that could last six weeks or more. Your child can spread ringworm to others while infected. Make sure friends and family avoid contact with the infected area, and don't allow your child to share towels, bed linens, clothing, brushes or combs. Establish good hand-washing habits for your toddler to prevent the spread of the ringworm infection and to help prevent him from contracting it again in the future. Doctors recommend that you wash your child's hair frequently, especially after haircuts, to prevent future cases of ringworm. Also, your child may acquire ringworm by grooming or petting an infected animal. Puppies and kittens frequently carry the fungus. To prevent future outbreaks, have your veterinarian examine your family pet if you suspect he might be the source of your child's infection.

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