How Do You Treat Sand Flea Bites?

As of 2015, there is no credible medical information online regarding how to treat sand flea bites. Hydrocortisone cream, baking soda, oatmeal bath, Aloe vera and essential oils may improve the symptoms of sand flea bites, according to wiseGEEK. Ibuprofen, antihistamines, ibuprofen gel and anti-itch creams are also beneficial treatments.

Using oral antihistamines helps to control itching from sand flea bites, reports wiseGEEK. Oral ibuprofen helps to control the swelling and pain. Baking soda mixed with water sometimes helps to ease discomfort when applied to sand flea bites as a paste. Completely submerging the bites in an oatmeal and water bath is a good natural remedy to improve the itching. Applying a gel that contains lidocaine to the affected area helps to relieve pain from these bites.

Aloe vera gel or vinegar can also soothe discomfort from sand flea bites, states wiseGEEK. Essential oils, such as tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and lavender oil, may relieve symptoms when applied to sand flea bites as well. It is best to avoid scratching the bites because too much scratching can lead to development of infection in the bite wounds. Patients should visit their doctors if symptoms get worse or do not improve after several days.