How Do You Treat Roach Bites?


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Treat a roach bite by cleaning the area with a disinfectant, and seek medical attention if the swelling from the bite does not subside within a few days. It is important to disinfect the area because roaches carry a significant amount of bacteria, notes AsktheExterminator.com.

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It is rare for cockroaches to bite humans, but they do possess the ability to do so, explains AsktheExterminator.com. Most bites occur during the night while the person is asleep, and it is most often a German cockroach that is responsible. Furthermore, bites typically occur only in roach-infested environments where there is limited food and water available because roaches tend to seek food from less-risky sources when possible. Children are most likely to receive roach bites because their softer skin is easier for the insects to bite and they are more likely than adults to go to bed with food residue on their faces or hands.

Similar to many other insect bites, roach bites leave small, red marks, notes AsktheExterminator.com. The bites usually scab over, and they may itch. Roaches frequent areas with high amounts of bacteria, such as sewers, making infection a particular concern. In addition to the possibility of infection from bites, roaches can pose other risks to human health, such as triggering allergies and asthma, explains WebMD.

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