How Do You Treat Ringworm in Children?


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Ringworm in children can be treated through oral medication or application of antifungal powders and creams to the skin. The type of treatment varies with the location of the ringworm. In any case, it takes the ringworm several weeks to disappear, notes the NYU Department of Pediatrics.

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When ringworm affects the skin or body, topical treatment is best. Application of an antifungal cream or powder generally clears up the problem, although it takes a minimum of two weeks. After the ringworm clears up, treatment generally continues for at least two more weeks to minimize the chance of recurrence. In this type of treatment, nonprescription medicines are generally effective, states the NYU Department of Pediatrics.

In cases of ringworm in the scalp or nails, oral medications are necessary. Prescriptions for scalp ringworm generally last between four and eight weeks and can last longer. Early treatment for scalp ringworm can prevent permanent loss of hair. In the case of nail ringworm, the prescription lasts between four and nine months, if not longer. In cases where the child contracted ringworm from a pet, the pet requires treatment as well. The veterinarian is the best source for a ringworm treatment plan for the pet, according to the NYU Department of Pediatrics.

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