How Do You Treat a Red Rash?


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Treatment of rashes depends on the cause of the rash, reports Everyday Health. Rashes such as those caused by German measles or chicken pox require management of the accompanying fever, while hives simply require antihistamines to treat.

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Chickenpox is characterized by individual red blisters and is caused by a virus, according to Everyday Health. Vaccinations prevent this rash from occurring, but treatment of the virus focuses on treating the symptoms with painkillers. This is the same method of treating German measles, which causes an itchy red rash as well as a sore throat and headache. Urticaria, also known as hives, is a pale, pink and itchy allergic reaction. Hives may go away on their own over time if the allergen is removed, but management of hives may require antihistamines. Sometimes, prescription drugs can cause a skin reaction. When this occurs, the drugs are discontinued, and steroids or antihistamines may be used.

Heat rash is an itchy rash which occurs in moist areas of the body and may also produce small bumps, adds Everyday Health. This reaction happens as a result of blocked sweat glands, and the only treatment is to cool the body and prevent friction in the area. Intertrigo is a related condition, where areas between skin folds become raw and infected. This condition requires antibiotics and steroids. Rosacea is a common skin condition which causes reddened skin on the face, cheeks and forehead. There is no known cure, but antibiotics may reduce the reddening somewhat.

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