How Do You Treat Red Mange?


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Treatment of red mange in dogs is usually administered through an injection, oral administration, shampooing, application to the body or dip. Moreover, the method of treatment to be used depends on the breed and age of a dog, as stated by WebMD. In most cases, a dip that contains Amitraz is used to kill the mites.

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To ensure that the condition is cleared up completely, it is advisable to isolate the affected dog from the rest of other pets and humans. Antiparasitic medications may be given alongside other medications for easing inflammation and other possible skin conditions. Medicated shampoos may be necessary in case a dog gets a secondary skin condition. Changes can be seen after using the treatment for at least one month, as stated by ASPCA. Before using any medication or treatment, it is necessary to check with a vet since some medications can be toxic.

Younger dogs tend to recover quickly from red mange when given treatment. In older dogs, the condition may require a long-term treatment to be managed. Dogs with domestic mange usually need ongoing treatment since this condition is hereditary. Prevention of mange can be done through regular visits to the vet and keeping pets away from infected dogs.

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