How Do You Treat a Rash?


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According to WebMD and the Gerson Institute, the best way to treat a rash includes using natural treatments, over-the-counter creams and ointments, icing treatments and potentially doctor-administrated shots. The exact process will depend upon the specific type of rash that a person has.

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Following a few steps will help to heal unsightly rashes and dismiss itchy pain.

Step 1: Identify the rash type, if possible

The first step in treating a rash should be to try to identify the rash. If it cannot be identified, WebMD recommends setting up a doctor's appointment and then beginning immediate home treatment.

Step 2: Try ice

Icing can help to numb the pain and the itchy sensations that often come along with rashes. Try using ice cubes wrapped in a towel, according to the British Pain Society and the DailyMail.

Step 3: Look to natural treatments

Natural treatments, such as clay and apple cider vinegar, can speed up the healing process. Mix both with water according to the Gerson Institute and then apply to the skin with the rash.

Step 4: Use over-the-counter creams

Choose over-the-counter creams that contain the steroid hydrocortisone, which helps curb itching sensations.

Step 5: See a doctor

Doctors will be able to prescribe additional cortisone cream treatments as well as shots for really itchy, painful and inflamed skin.

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