How Do You Treat Pulled Tendons?


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Initial treatment for pulled tendons is focused on relieving pain and restoring range of motion by taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and acetaminophen to reduce the pain, explains WebMD. Individuals can also participate in physical therapy exercises to encourage regeneration of the damaged tendon, avoid further tearing or degeneration, and reduce pain from the injury.

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Home remedies to treat a pulled tendon include resting the affected area, increasing the amount of sleep throughout the day, and applying cold packs or ice to the muscles near the affected joint, according to WebMD. Patients should apply ice every two hours for at least 10 minutes to reduce inflammation and pain, especially during the first 72 hours following the injury.

Range of motion exercises also help treat pulled tendons, explains WebMD. Individuals should gently move joints through a full range of motion to avoid stiffness caused by rest and the pulled tendon. Range of motion exercises help strengthen muscles around the pulled tendon. After a few days of rest, patients should gradually resume daily activities at a low intensity until the pain subsides. Individuals with a pulled tendon benefit from stretching thoroughly before and after any type of physical activity. Activity should be stopped immediately if pain persists.

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